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5th Weekend Shooting Matches

Whenever there is a month with a 5th weekend, a bunch of the shooting ranges around Eastern NC like to have special shooting matches that they don’t host in their normal match rotation. This coming weekend is the 5th weekend, so here’s some of the matches taking place:

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

USPSA Rifle at Sir Walter Gun Club

  • Just like a USPSA pistol match, but shot with rifles. A great match to go run your AR-15 and have a good time.

BUG Match at H2O Fowl Farms

  • “Back Up Gun” pistol match. Bring out the little pocket guns that you actually carry. J-Frames, pocket .380’s, and pocket 9mm’s are the norm. The basic rule is that the barrel needs to be 3.5″ or less for a BUG match.

Sunday August 31st, 2014

3-Gun at Ant Hill Range

BUG Match at The Range

  • Same Back Up Gun stuff as above. I’ll add that Frank at The Range is one of the best stage designers around, you’ll know if you are proficient with your BUG gun after the match.

IDPA Classifier at Triad Tactical Training Center

  • If you’re new to IDPA, or just want to see where you stand among other shooters, this is a good match to get classified as an IDPA shooter.

Where are you shooting this weekend?

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