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North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit Renewal

I’m finally set up with my new (renewed) Concealed Handgun Permit. This has been a long process, so here’s a rundown for those interested: March 25th – I received a letter in the mail from Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison stating that my permit was up for renewal, and that I should start the process soon. Sometime around the end of May, I filled out the application for renewal online, paid the fee, and scheduled …

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Well, that was easy.

A couple months ago I received a card in the mail from Sheriff Harrison stating that my CHP was up for renewal. This is my first renewal, so it was a new thing for me. Last month sometime I went to the WCSO website and filled out the online form and paid for the renewal through their website. At the end of the online session I had to schedule an appointment at the Sheriffs office …

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CHP Holder Shoots Hostage Taker

A man entered a Dollar General store and began waving a gun around, and eventually attempted to usher his hostages into the breakroom of the store. I’ve been told that once a person begins to move hostages into a different location, people die. During a simple robbery, the robber usually wants to get out of the scene pretty quickly in order to get away, and the situation doesn’t involve rounding people up at gunpoint. It …

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Should you get your concealed carry permit before you even buy a gun?

I know, I know, concealed carry permits, or Concealed Handgun Permits as North Carolina calls them, are for the most dedicated shooters, the people who want to be armed 24/7 (except anywhere alcohol is sold and consumed, or anywhere that charges admission, or …) but bear with me! I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but for completely new shooters looking for an entry in to the hobby, I think it could make some sense. But …

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