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Well, that was easy.

A couple months ago I received a card in the mail from Sheriff Harrison stating that my CHP was up for renewal. This is my first renewal, so it was a new thing for me.

Last month sometime I went to the WCSO website and filled out the online form and paid for the renewal through their website. At the end of the online session I had to schedule an appointment at the Sheriffs office to turn in my renewal packet. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to schedule my appointment for almost a month because they were all full, but I had plenty of time before my permit expires, so no big deal.

The most interesting part of this (because it was completely non interesting) was my actual appointment today. I pulled into the parking garage at 2:48PM, walked 4 blocks, got into the Sheriffs department and handed in my paperwork, signed 3 pieces of paper, left the Sheriffs department, walked 4 blocks, and pulled back out of the parking garage at 3:10PM. 22 minutes, not bad.

All told, I don’t think I was in the Sheriffs office more than 5 minutes.

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  1. In FL it’s all done, as far as I can tell, in be mail. When you first apply you go to a local government building and turn it all in. A few weeks later you get it in the mail. Renewals also involve mailing or going in person to renew but you never get issues or renewed the license on the spot. So looks like the NC way has some advantages.

  2. My SC CWP expires at the end of next April. I go online in February, fill out the form, pay with debit/credit card and wait for the permit in the mail.

    • Yeah, I’m still not really sure why I had to even go downtown. They didn’t even look at my ID or anything. Just signed 3 forms (that I brought with me) and left.

  3. You should try a Vermont renewal process sometime 😀

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