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Must Listen: The St. James Massacre

A couple weeks ago in the “Plug of the Week” on the podcast we plugged Mike Seeklander’s new podcast called the American Warrior Show. In the most recent episode Mike interviews a man named Charl Van Wyk who took on 3 active shooters. Van Wyk had a 5 shot .38spcl revolver, and he was successful in ending the attack on the church against shooters with automatic rifles, grenades, and bombs.

“Violence is the immoral use of force. Self Defense is the moral use of force.”

Listen to the interview here.

I took two things away from the interview:

  1. Sometimes getting into the fight is all that’s needed to end the fight. It’s amazing how sending rounds toward bad guys makes them re-think their plan.

  2. I’ve heard many times from church going people that nobody should need to carry in church. I agree, that in a perfect world one shouldn’t need to carry in church, but we don’t live in a perfect world. All people should be free to worship how they see fit, and they should be able to protect themselves and their brothers and sisters while doing so.

Carry on.

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  1. I just listened to it, this was an immensely powerful message.

  2. Roger V. Tranfaglia

    I just hope to hell I’m that brave and quick thinking should it ever get down to it……..

  3. To point #2, I get it, but it’s kind of an odd rationale (or maybe it’s just sentimentality talking) – I wonder if those same people would say that people *should* need to carry outside of church? I wouldn’t think there’d be a need to carry in either place, in a perfect world.

    • Honestly, I’ve thought to myself, with some of the huge churches that there are around the Triangle, if I was a crazy nut-job who was inclined to want to want to murder a whole bunch of people, I’d go to a church on Sunday morning or, better yet, a church on a holiday like Easter or Christmas, when local churches are bursting at the seams – it’d be mighty easy to way-lay some folks en masse.

      For that reason, I’m always a little jumpy in church during holidays.

  4. I’m a church going people, and while I agree, nobody *should* need to carry a gun in church, I’m also pragmatic enough to acknowledge that having a cross on the door doesn’t exclude the crazies like a magic force field, so I carry mine there, just like I carry it everywhere else.

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