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Buy a Fully Automatic Rifle in Colorado in 20 Minutes

Don Lemon of CNN went full retard the other day talking about fully automatic vs. semi-automatic rifles. Thankfully, Ben Ferguson was on TV with him at the same time and attempted to set him straight live on air, however I don’t think he was able to get through to Lemon… (Video Link for Email/RSS Readers) Apparently the difference between a fully automatic, and semi-automatic firearm is semantics. I honestly wonder if Lemon is really this …

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CNN Poll: Who Cares?

Has everyone seen this today? CNN, the channel that nobody watches apparently put a poll down at the very bottom of the page on their website (a place where nobody ever goes) regarding gun control. I think TTAG posted about it first, and from there every pro-gun Facebook page around was sharing it and making it go viral. I kept seeing things like “Fire Mission!!!! Zomg!!!”, “Hit this important poll!”, “Vote right now!” Why do …

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The Anti-Gun Media Discovered Bump Firing

This is phenomenal. Even though I think bump firing is a waste of time, and an even bigger waste of money and precious ammo, I support your right to bump fire away until your heart is content. This belt fed Slide Fire bump rifle does sound like a lot of fun, although expensive to feed.

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Stop Going on Piers Morgan’s Show

This is a message to every gun rights advocate out there: Stop going on Piers Morgan’s Show. The guys ratings are already through the floor, so it’s not like it’s a good platform to voice your opinion on gun rights. He’s proven himself time and again to be someone who doesn’t argue the facts, instead making up statistics to fit his cause. If you are approached by his producers, or receive any sort of invitation …

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