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CNN Poll: Who Cares?


Has everyone seen this today? CNN, the channel that nobody watches apparently put a poll down at the very bottom of the page on their website (a place where nobody ever goes) regarding gun control.

I think TTAG posted about it first, and from there every pro-gun Facebook page around was sharing it and making it go viral. I kept seeing things like “Fire Mission!!!! Zomg!!!”, “Hit this important poll!”, “Vote right now!”

Why do we care about a non-scientific poll posted at the bottom of the page of a washed up news site? Why even give CNN the traffic?

I think Daniel Shaw from Gunfightercast nailed it:

If you want to vote in the poll, go for it, but don’t think that you are actually doing anything more than voting in a poll on the internet that has no meaning what-so-ever.

It would be nice if we could get things that really matter to go viral like this did…

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