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CNN Poll: Who Cares?

Has everyone seen this today? CNN, the channel that nobody watches apparently put a poll down at the very bottom of the page on their website (a place where nobody ever goes) regarding gun control. I think TTAG posted about it first, and from there every pro-gun Facebook page around was sharing it and making it go viral. I kept seeing things like “Fire Mission!!!! Zomg!!!”, “Hit this important poll!”, “Vote right now!” Why do …

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Paratus Academy “Vitals of Defense”

I recently purchased and watched the first episode of “Vitals of Defense” by Daniel Shaw of the Gunfightercast Podcast, and most recently Paratus Academy. I thought the video was pretty cool, something that would be great for new shooters, especially those purchasing a firearm for defensive purposes. Daniel brings Paul Carlson of the Safety Solutions Academy into the video, and the pair show differing viewpoints on things, which balances the information nicely. As far as …

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