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That’s One Way to Keep People from Crowding Cover…

Crusing Instagram this afternoon I came across this video from @MHC_LEO of a stage from his first IDPA match: Look how shot up those barrels are! Here’s what @MHC_LEO said when I asked him about it “@triangletactical they are like razor blades. My arms and knuckles literally looked like I fought a wildcat.” I’m suddenly a lot more thankful for the match directors around here that swap them out when they get shot up. I …

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Things New Shooters Say At Their First Match:

“How were my hits? Good? If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. On the surface it sounds like a perfectly logical thing to ask, but really if a shooter is watching his sights and  paying attention to what he is doing, he should know where his hits were. I had a new shooter say something a while back at one of the Wake County Action Pistol matches about the lighting being …

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USPSA/Competitive Shooting Primer

I found this video today, thought it did a really good job illustrating some of the basics of competition. If you want a more in-depth primer, check out my series on getting into competitive shooting here.

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