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Things New Shooters Say At Their First Match:

“How were my hits? Good?

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. On the surface it sounds like a perfectly logical thing to ask, but really if a shooter is watching his sights and  paying attention to what he is doing, he should know where his hits were.

I had a new shooter say something a while back at one of the Wake County Action Pistol matches about the lighting being so that he couldn’t see the bullet holes in his targets, and that was throwing off his game. I retorted that he should be watching his sights and they would tell him where the bullets went, and he laughed me off like I was talking to him in Chinese or something.

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  1. be patient with new shooters. That you call your response a “retort” might explain why he didn’t accept your input – despite the fact that you’re correct.

  2. Must be nice to have been born knowing everything. Some of us needed to learn from scratch, and practice what we learn.

    • Hmm, wasn’t trying to come across as a know-it-all, but the fact that he balked at the thought of knowing where the bullets go based on where the sights were is interesting.

  3. Just to clarify… You WEREN’T actually talking to him in Chinese, were you?

  4. Another thing I’e noticed is the difference between people who “range shoot” and people who shoot and follow through ,

    Range shooters tend to lift there heads after most shots looking for the hole in the target to clarify their point of aim/point of impact whereas most experienced shooters will immediately fire the shots and remain focused on front sight for subsequent follow up shots rather than searching for that point of impact.

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