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:shakes head: Daniel Defense Offering Financing for Rifles

TTAG is reporting that Daniel Defense is set to introduce financing on their rifles. I like Daniel Defense. I like their rifles, and I like their politics. I have to say though, I don’t like this. I’ve done a lot of stupid things with money in my time, but I’ve never even thought of financing a rifle (I did finance a mountain bike once though…). If you are even considering doing this, do me a …

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What the Heck is Happening at Big Green?

For the past few months it seems like there’s been nothing but bad news on the Remington front. In the beginning of 2014 we were all excited to see the Remington R51, the first non-1911 pistol from Remington in a long time. The R51 took the internet by storm, bringing tons and tons of traffic to sites like this. It seemed that something was up when the pistol didn’t make an appearance for Media Day …

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Daniel Defense Fixed Rail Mounted Front Sight

Daniel Defense has a reputation for making great products, and that reputation is not lost on their small parts. I picked up one of their rail mounted fixed front sights a few months back, and I must say, the quality is phenomenal. The front sight mounted up to my 13″ Troy TRX Extreme easily, and once the screw is locked down, it holds zero without issue. There are a couple of reasons that I purchased …

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