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Daniel Defense Fixed Rail Mounted Front Sight

Daniel Defense has a reputation for making great products, and that reputation is not lost on their small parts. I picked up one of their rail mounted fixed front sights a few months back, and I must say, the quality is phenomenal.

The front sight mounted up to my 13″ Troy TRX Extreme easily, and once the screw is locked down, it holds zero without issue.

There are a couple of reasons that I purchased this sight over some others. The first being the light weight. I try not to add a munching of heavy items at the end of my rail in order to keep the rifle nimble and lightweight.

The second reason, is that the mounting screw is recessed into the side of the sight tower, instead of having a large thumb screw sticking out of the side of the sight like the LMT fixed front sight. The LMT’s thumb screw allows the front sight to be quickly detached, however I cannot think of a situation where I would need to quickly remove the front sight. I do however, see the thumb screw getting caught up on other gear, and getting in the way of light mounts, etc.

The DD fixed front sight is made of one piece of machined aluminum, and uses a standard GI front sight post. It mounts with a single screw through the base of the sight, that threads into a heli-coil on the opposite side.

This is a pretty basic piece of gear, so I won’t bore you with a bunch more about it, but I will say that it is a very high quality piece of gear, and I would recommend it highly.

Very well designed, and executed, A+.

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