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M-Lok, Key-Mod, Screws and Nuts, I Don’t Care

Maybe I’m just too simplistic when it comes to tacticessorizing my rifles, but I honestly couldn’t care less about any of these accessory mounting systems.

How Many Accessories Do You Use?

I tend to keep my rifle setup pretty slick. 13″ Troy TRX rail, Daniel Defense fixed front sight, a Streamlight TLR-1 light, and a sling swivel mounted about halfway down the rail.

I’ve messed around with handstops, vertical grips, the awful angled grips, and a bunch of other stuff, and always find myself coming back to a slick rail with a front sight, light, and sling swivel.
After getting everything setup, I haven’t moved anything on the rail in a few years. It’s all in a good place, familiar and functional.

But, but, the new locking systems make it easier to get everything set up!

Admittedly, getting the sling swivel attached to just the right spot inside the TRX rail was a bit of a pain in the butt, but after I set it up I haven’t had to mess with it again.

Having to fiddle with the sling swivel for 30 minutes 3 years ago isn’t enough of a hassle for me to bother with a step up to a key-mod or M-lock rail. Sure, the newest generation of rails are pretty nice, and if I were building a new rifle today, I may consider them, but they just don’t offer enough to justify an upgrade from my current rail.


A handguard on an AR-15 is a pretty basic part, with a pretty basic function. Gives you a place to hold, and a place to mount some accessories. Simple enough, and like I said, I don’t feel like I need up upgrade a mounting system that allows me to move stuff around a little faster when I haven’t moved anything in a couple years.

They all work just fine, I’m just not one to care about the coolest newest thing as much as I used to. What I have works just fine, and I’ll stick with it until it doesn’t.

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