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Tacticool Derp: Tactical Footwear

I like flip flops. A lot. As soon as I get home from work every day, I toss my Red Wing’s aside, and basically refuse to put socks of laced shoes back on until it’s time to get ready for work again. I laugh a little inside every time I slide my flip flops on about something I read on a web forum a few years back. There was a discussion about every day carry, …

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“I want to give my Girlfriend a gun, but only want it to make noise”

I’m almost as a loss for words here. This post starts out pretty sane: person is having an issue with a peeping Tom, and want to make sure his girlfriend has a means to protect herself should there be a home invasion when he isn’t home. Noble. But then the derp starts. He wants to load some blanks for her so he doesn’t risk (the possibly inexperienced with firearms) girlfriend shooting his garage or one …

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Open Carry March on Washington DC

This has “bad idea” written all over it. I understand the sentiment of wanting to take a stand for something that you believe in, but this is no bueno. Marching into DC with loaded rifles and pistols displayed openly is bad juju. This event is being organized by a Facebook user named Adam Kokesh. Here’s what is said on the event’s Facebook page, where it is being organized (1400+ people have said they will attend …

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