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“I want to give my Girlfriend a gun, but only want it to make noise”


I’m almost as a loss for words here. This post starts out pretty sane: person is having an issue with a peeping Tom, and want to make sure his girlfriend has a means to protect herself should there be a home invasion when he isn’t home. Noble.

But then the derp starts. He wants to load some blanks for her so he doesn’t risk (the possibly inexperienced with firearms) girlfriend shooting his garage or one of the cars while defending her life.

Why is it that time and again in the shooting community we assume that women are incapable of being safe with a handgun on top of being unable to operate one properly?

Here’s the deal: If someone has broken into your home, your wife/girlfriend/daughter/whoever else is there is in danger. Let’s stop giving them tiny revolvers and itty bitty handguns that are hard to shoot and look cute. Let’s take the time to teach them to use the best tool for the job, which is probably the same firearm that you keep handy in case there’s a break-in when you are home.

Oh, and got the love of Pete, don’t give them a gun loaded with blanks to “scare someone off.”

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  1. What strikes me is that he is apparently more worried about the cars and the garage than he is about her.

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