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Video of an Armed Home Invasion

Frightening stuff here. The bad guys clearly had very bad intentions after arming themselves and getting cabling (presumably to tie up the homeowners). What scares me is how long these guys were able to move around inside the home unnoticed. Also, good on the homeowner and his girlfriend for being armed, although I personally wouldn’t sleep in bed with a firearm in my bed, I prefer to just have it handy. (H/T r/firearms)

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Question of the Day: .30-30 Lever Action Rifle for Home Defense?

While surfing the web earlier this morning I came across a forum post (I’d link to it, but I can’t find it now) where someone asked about using a .30-30 lever action rifle for home defense. I’ve always been a fan of the lever guns. My first gun that was actually mine was a Winchester 94 in .30-30, that my dad bought me for deer hunting. I’ve referred to it as the “poor man’s assault …

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Tatiana Whitlock for NRA on Weapon Mounted Lights

Great minds must think alike, the NRA released this video just a couple days after we recorded Episode 94 of the podcast on weapon mounted lights. (Video link for Email/RSS Readers) How long before someone makes a momentary activation weapon light small enough for concealed carry? Want.

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“I want to give my Girlfriend a gun, but only want it to make noise”

I’m almost as a loss for words here. This post starts out pretty sane: person is having an issue with a peeping Tom, and want to make sure his girlfriend has a means to protect herself should there be a home invasion when he isn’t home. Noble. But then the derp starts. He wants to load some blanks for her so he doesn’t risk (the possibly inexperienced with firearms) girlfriend shooting his garage or one …

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Home Invasion While in the Shower

A SC man was the victim of a home invasion while he was in the shower recently. He got out of the shower, retrieved a firearm, confronted the home invaders firing a shot in the process. A Cameron man called authorities Wednesday after firing a shot at would-be burglars inside his residence. He said he was taking a shower about 3:20 p.m. when he heard a noise coming from his living room. He said he …

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