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Home Invasion While in the Shower

A SC man was the victim of a home invasion while he was in the shower recently. He got out of the shower, retrieved a firearm, confronted the home invaders firing a shot in the process.

A Cameron man called authorities Wednesday after firing a shot at would-be burglars inside his residence.

He said he was taking a shower about 3:20 p.m. when he heard a noise coming from his living room. He said he grabbed a gun before investigating.

As he entered his living room, he saw a man standing there. He fired a shot to scare the subject off.

The intruder ran out and around the side of the house, the homeowner reported. At that point, the resident noticed another man outside.

The homeowner said he knew both subjects and gave investigators their names.

There’s a couple of lessons here:

  1. He had a defensive firearm available. Was it in the shower with him? Probably not, but it was available, and he was able to get to it when it was needed. This is something I’ve thought about breifly in the past, but haven’t ever taken any action on.
  2. “He fired a shot to scare the subject off”. I’m of the belief that shooting to scare isn’t something that you should be doing. If being approached by a soaking wet, naked man with a gun doesn’t make the person leave, you’ve got choices to make…
  3. “The homeowner said he knew both subjects and gave investigators their names.” A lot of home invasions involve subjects who know the home owner. There’s something to be said for keeping your mouth shut about purchases and whatnot around people that you don’t trust 100%. I don’t have any idea what these perpetrators may have been after, but I’d say there’s a good chance they entered his home looking for something specific.
  4. Notice the time that this took place. 3:20PM. Middle of the afternoon when most people are still at work, kids are probably still on the school bus, etc. We talk about carrying concealed at home from time to time, and I think it’s always a good idea. Not just having it handy at bed time, but having it handy all the time.

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