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DIY – Pine Cone Stove

Years ago when I was a Boy Scout, I had a scoutmaster that had a cool little wood burning stove that he would use on occasion at different camping events. The cool thing about this stove is that it folds up completely flat, taking up almost no room in a pack, which if you have ever done much backpacking, you know that is a good thing. It was one of those things that would pop …

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DIY – The in’s and out’s of working with kydex.

I’ve been working with Kydex for a while now, and from time to time I help out a friend and make a holster, or magazine pouch, or something for them. I don’t do it as a business (filling orders sucks) however, its a lot of fun, and once you have all the tools, you can really save a lot of money on holsters if you buy new guns a lot. Where to get it? I …

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DIY Glock Sight Pusher

I’ve got a handful of Glock pistols, all of which wear some sort of aftermarket sights. For a couple years now, I have been hammering them in with a framing hammer, and a brass punch. It actually works quite well for getting them into the dovetail, however for fine tuning the sights at the range, it can be a pain. I was home visiting my parents this last week, and I had the opportunity to …

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