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Practicing Without Eyes and Ears

Recently I came across a Facebook post that advocated practicing shooting without wearing eyes and ears because when the balloon goes up you won’t have time to put them on, so you need to practice without them. Astonishingly, many of the responses to the post stated that they also practice shooting without wearing eyes and ears in order to get the full effect so they won’t be surprised when/if they ever have to use their …

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Jerry Miculek Tests Earplugs as Rubber Bullets

Over the weekend a Huffington Post reporter made a gaffe on Twitter, asking if a pile of orange foam earplugs found on the ground in Ferguson, MO were rubber bullets. Jerry Miculek recently posted a video testing the exact thing that we’ve all been wondering: What would it take to propel an earplug like a rubber bullet? (Video link for Email/RSS Readers) I definitely expected a lot more velocity from the earplugs, and I was …

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