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Not All Advice is Good Advice.

I’m up late watching some random wilderness survival show that I found on Netflix, and the host is offering some pretty crappy advice for heading into the mountains in the winter. He keeps harping that you need to bring matches with you. I hate to break it to him, but matches suck. Especially in the winter. Especially in a wet environment. Should you have a way to start a fire when heading into the woods? …

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NPM: Easy DIY Firestarter: The Firestraw

I came across these firestarters a while back, and decided that National Preparedness Month would be a good time to do a video showing you how to make them. The things that I like most about these is that they have a relatively long burn time, they will catch a spark, they are waterproof, and they are small. What’s not to love?

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NPM: Can You Start a Fire?

Ok city slickers, when was the last time you practiced starting a fire? If Reagan was still in the white house, you probably need some more practice. In my house, everything is electric. I don’t even have a natural gas line going down my street, so if the power goes out during a storm, I need an alternative way to cook and produce heat. I’ve recommended Firesteel.com firesteels in the past (they aren’t a sponsor, …

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Firesteel Usage

I was playing around with my camera tonight, and this video happened. Quick and dirty on how I use a firesteel and magnesium to start a fire.  

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Gunpowder Tinder

First things first: This could be dangerous. I’m an expert outdoors man with years of experience. Don’t try this at home. I recently was introduced to a product that is made for pulling bullets out of casings so that the gunpowder can be poured out and used as a form of tinder in an emergency situation. I was left scratching my head, as I was under the impression that gunpowder would flash pretty quickly instead …

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Fire Week – Day 1 – Spark

As part of National Preparedness Month, I am going to spend this week discussing the components of fire. How to make it, and how to sustain it.  Some of you may not think that building a fire is that big of a deal, and many times it is not, however trying to build a fire when you need one, during sub-optimal conditions can be a challenge at best, and life or death at worst. Fire …

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