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Negligent Discharge in a Gun Store

Somewhat graphic video, so be warned, and watch carefully: The gun store clerk didn’t check the pistol before removing it from the display. In my opinion this may be a pattern of behavior at this gun store (or with this particular clerk), because the loaded pistol was placed into the case beforehand and left their waiting for someone to remove it. The police officer didn’t safety check the pistol after it was handed to him. …

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Alone on the Range: Safety

I’ve found myself using a small private shooting range in rural North Carolina all by myself recently. It’s probably the first time ever that I’ve been all alone while shooting, and this has prompted me to take some extra precautions. Unlike Tex Grebner, I’m not sure that I’d be able to fall back to my training and call my parents if I were to get hurt on the range, so I’ve been taking some precautions …

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