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Negligent Discharge in a Gun Store

Somewhat graphic video, so be warned, and watch carefully:

  1. The gun store clerk didn’t check the pistol before removing it from the display. In my opinion this may be a pattern of behavior at this gun store (or with this particular clerk), because the loaded pistol was placed into the case beforehand and left their waiting for someone to remove it.

  2. The police officer didn’t safety check the pistol after it was handed to him.

  3. The pistol wasn’t pointed in a safe direction. Gun stores aren’t magical places where you can ignore gun safety rules.

Word is that the police officer is suing the gun store over the incident.

My opinion? The clerk/gun store, and the police officer in the video are equally at fault. Whenever you pick up a gun, you check it. I’m positive that it must get monotonous doing it all day, day in and day out working in a gun shop, but it’s what needs to happen.

Just today I was in the back room as my favorite gun store talking to an employee there about a new holster he just got. When he took it off to show it to me, he also verified his pistol was clear, on top of showing me the empty chamber. That’s how it’s done folks.

As I said in Episode 116 of the podcast, don’t be stupid with guns. Safety starts with you.

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  1. Way, way, way beyond careless – both of them. And the store clerk got a new lease on life – there were multiple chances for him to get shot as the cop was waving the gun around.

    I safety check multiple times any gun I’m handing out to someone, and do my own check when I’m handed a gun. I also safety check my own guns, even when taking them out of storage. I know, positively, 100% it was stored clear – but why not to 2x check? I don’t believe gremlins load my guns at night – but I do believe it takes just one second of me being careless to leave a live round in the chamber, or a loaded magazine in the gun . . .

    As I said – beyond careless for both of them. And the chutzpah of the cop, suing the store . . .

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