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Negligent Discharge in a Gun Store

Somewhat graphic video, so be warned, and watch carefully: The gun store clerk didn’t check the pistol before removing it from the display. In my opinion this may be a pattern of behavior at this gun store (or with this particular clerk), because the loaded pistol was placed into the case beforehand and left their waiting for someone to remove it. The police officer didn’t safety check the pistol after it was handed to him. …

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Why do gun shops allow this?

It seems like every time there’s an anti-gun hit piece in the news, there’s some nice B-Roll footage from inside a local gun store to go along with this. You know, the footage they cut away to while there talking with camera pans of the gun cases, stuff like that. Why do local gun stores allow these anti-gun news agencies to come into their stores and shoot the B-Roll footage? I can’t imagine they’re promised …

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An Observation on Big Box Gun Stores

Here in the Triangle, we’re in the middle of an explosion of big box outdoors stores that sell guns. It started with the Gander Mountain in Morrisville, then the Bass Pro Shop in Cary, then another Gander Mountain in Raleigh, this week a Field & Stream store in Cary, and we’re waiting on a Cabela’s in Garner next year, with rumors still swirling about the possibility of an Academy sports coming to the area sometime …

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