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Jerry Miculek Tests Earplugs as Rubber Bullets

Over the weekend a Huffington Post reporter made a gaffe on Twitter, asking if a pile of orange foam earplugs found on the ground in Ferguson, MO were rubber bullets. Jerry Miculek recently posted a video testing the exact thing that we’ve all been wondering: What would it take to propel an earplug like a rubber bullet? (Video link for Email/RSS Readers) I definitely expected a lot more velocity from the earplugs, and I was …

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My Thoughts on Ben’s Thoughts on the Miculek Video

Yesterday Ben wrote a blog post in response to my excitement about the YouTube video of Jerry Miculek shooting and hitting a target at 1000 yards with a revolver. Ben stated that these types of videos aren’t the best way to bring people into the shooting sports because they make good marksmanship look unobtainable, and that they make luck look like skill. I don’t disagree on the latter point, to an extent. When only one …

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Jerry Miculek: Be a Good Neighbor, Don’t Put People on the Spot

After watching this video, I would like to nominate Jerry Miculek for 2A Statesman of the year. He nails the retention aspect of open carry (Which we talked about with Chris Clifton in Episode 85) and he hits the public perception aspect into orbit. (Video Link for Email/RSS Readers) “You’re a representation of a good gun owner. Don’t put people on the spot, nobody likes being put on the spot. We all want to be …

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130 Shooters At a Club Match

On Saturday I shot USPSA at Sir Walter Gun Club with about 130 other gun nuts.  This was just a regular monthly match at Sir Walter, nothing particularly special about it, other than the beautiful weather. While we were shooting the match at Sir Walter here in NC, the USPSA Singlestack and Revolver Nationals were taking place in Barry, IL, as well as a 3-Gun Nation Pro Series event in Tulsa, OK. The big story …

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