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SureStrike Laser Ammo Review

A few months back the folks at Carolina Shooters Club asked me if I’d be interested in trying out some “SureStrike Laser Ammo”. I’ll give anything a try once, so I’ve been playing with it for a while, and finally posted my review of the product over at CSC. Bottom Line: Great for working on fundamentals with my wife in a low-stress environment (our living room) Not so great for competition related dry-fire as my …

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Just to be Clear: Your Laser Sight is a Sight

And your weapon mounted light, is a sight too. We all read the news earlier this week about the NY State Homeland Security cheif being incredibly irresponsible using his laser sight as a laser pointer during a presentation. This is something that we all agree isn’t kosher. Unfortunately if we swap out laser with weapon light, some folks I  the firearm community change their mind. Let’s back up a bit: I want a weapon mounted …

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