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Just to be Clear: Your Laser Sight is a Sight

And your weapon mounted light, is a sight too.

We all read the news earlier this week about the NY State Homeland Security cheif being incredibly irresponsible using his laser sight as a laser pointer during a presentation.

This is something that we all agree isn’t kosher. Unfortunately if we swap out laser with weapon light, some folks I  the firearm community change their mind.

Let’s back up a bit:
I want a weapon mounted light that is small enough to fit on my pistol for concealed carry. In my search over the past couple of years, I’ve come across several forum posts across the interweb where other shooters poo poo on the idea of carrying with a weapon mounted light because they use a flashlight when walking their dog at night, and it wouldn’t be cool to unholster and turn on the light when picking up dog crap.

See, I want the weapon mounted light for concealed carry, so if I need it in a defensive situation, it’s right there.

It’s still a sight, and it’s only used for putting my handgun on a target in a low light condition. It’s not for finding my keys in a dark parking lot, it’s not for hunting dog crap, it’s not for anything but helping me identify a threat. Period.

The same thing goes with your laser sight. It’s a sight. It’s not for looking cool waving it around during a presentation (which is what I believe the NY guy was doing), it’s for nothing more than aiding you in getting your gun on target, and unless the presentation is your target, you need to leave the pistol in the holster.

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