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Gun Industry: Get it Together with Weapon Mounted Lights

I want to see some gun, holster, and weapon mounted light companies all lock a bunch of their engineers into a room for a couple days. Maybe they’ll come up with a solution for carrying a pistol with a weapon mounted light that doesn’t suck. Currently our options are giant lights (which we know don’t have to be that big, just look at the small flashlights out there right now) in giant holsters made of …

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Tatiana Whitlock for NRA on Weapon Mounted Lights

Great minds must think alike, the NRA released this video just a couple days after we recorded Episode 94 of the podcast on weapon mounted lights. (Video link for Email/RSS Readers) How long before someone makes a momentary activation weapon light small enough for concealed carry? Want.

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Just to be Clear: Your Laser Sight is a Sight

And your weapon mounted light, is a sight too. We all read the news earlier this week about the NY State Homeland Security cheif being incredibly irresponsible using his laser sight as a laser pointer during a presentation. This is something that we all agree isn’t kosher. Unfortunately if we swap out laser with weapon light, some folks I  the firearm community change their mind. Let’s back up a bit: I want a weapon mounted …

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Inforce APL Shenanigans

I’ve been watching this whole situation play out on YouTube and Instagram for a couple days. Apparently if you put your weak hand index finger in the wrong place on the Inforce APL light when firing you can make it fly off the pistol when it recoils: The folks at Inforce are saying that the HighCapacityTV folks are using it incorrectly, and shows a different way of activating and using the light to keep it …

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Cheap Lights for Defensive Use

There has been a lot of talk online, on various forums about using some of these cheap lights as a companion for someones concealed carry pistol, or even as a weapon mounted light. I’ve owned many of these lights from places like DealExtreme.com and other places, and while these lights are fantastic for having around the house, you must keep in mind that they are rather fragile, especially when they get hot. Something to keep …

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