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Gun Industry: Get it Together with Weapon Mounted Lights


I want to see some gun, holster, and weapon mounted light companies all lock a bunch of their engineers into a room for a couple days. Maybe they’ll come up with a solution for carrying a pistol with a weapon mounted light that doesn’t suck.

Currently our options are giant lights (which we know don’t have to be that big, just look at the small flashlights out there right now) in giant holsters made of kydex that are in most cases almost unnecessarily huge.

They might need to come up with a new mounting solution, perhaps the standard picatinny rail isn’t the right way to mount a small light for concealed carry.

They might need to define what a concealed carry light needs to do. It probably needs to be bright, but it probably doesn’t need to have a super long run time.

They might need to define maximum external dimensions for concealed carry lights. A max width about the same width as a small frame Glock would be a good place to start.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d jump on a small, 200 lumen weapon light that operates with a momentary switch (like the current generation of Streamlight and Surefire pistol lights) that is small enough to allow for a somewhat regular holster.

I don’t think I’m asking too much, Crimson Trace was on the right track with the Lightguard
, and I was poised to buy one until I played with one installed on a demo gun and realized the switch was terrible. Close, but not quite ready for prime time.

So, gun industry: We want lights and holsters for carry guns that are small and don’t suck. Get on it.

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  1. I agree. I have tried a ton of lights (X300, TLR series, Crimson trace Railmaster and Railmaster Pro) and have yet to find something that really works well. I think the closest one right now is either the Railmaster Pro (aluminum, thin, and decent paddle switches), or maybe the Viridian version that looks similar. It fits flush with an m&p compact, and isn’t much wider than the gun is. Maybe the best option is some sort of integrated light molded into the frame. With the red-dot ready guns from S&W and now Glock, maybe that is not too far away. Maybe like the Taurus Curve idea, but good.

  2. Carrying a gun with a WML is something you have to dedicate yourself to for sure. If you don’t have a strong reason to carry that way, you will probably give up on it in no time. I carry a G19 with an Inforce APL. It’s doesn’t extend past the barrel as much as an x-300 or TLR, is very bright, and has good switches. It also isn’t any wider than the slide of a Glock or M&P which really helps with comfort while carrying. I carry it in a discontinued DOS (light bearing) holster from Bravo Concealment, in the appendix position. There are lots of other good minimal holsters out there from T-rex arms, and snake hound machine that are similar. Ive had good luck with the X-fer from Armordillo Concealment when I was using my TLR 1. But they don’t make it for the APL (here is my sad face). Its really all about holster selection and finding something that minimalizes footprint and rides well. Oh, and belt selection. I am a self admitted Ares Gear Ranger belt fan boy. Bottom line is that you need a good belt, good holster, and dedication. For me and my body type, carrying a decent size gun and WML isn’t any more uncomfortable than carrying without a light. And im talking under a Tshirt, not a 5.11 “Concealment shirt” or oversized walmart button up. Remember, if you cant see your target, you cant (or shouldn’t at least) shoot it. You need to have a light.
    Keep it up guys. I love the blog and podcast.

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