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Getting to Work Works: Shoot2Live IDPA Match Video Review

After the February 2015 Sir Walter Gun Club USPSA match, I decided that I needed to work on getting my butt moving during matches. I’ve been consistently dry firing since that match, and most all of the drills I’ve been doing have involved movement. Things like getting into position, leaving positions, reloads while moving from one side of the box to another, etc. Last night was the first match I’ve shot since the SWGC USPSA …

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I’m a Terrible Person, and I Like to Mess With Other Peoples Match Video

And I’m not ashamed to admit it. At the Sir Walter Gun Club USPSA match on Saturday I found myself at one point with 4 cameras on my person to film other people shoot their stages. I really like doing it, but a while back I started messing with someones video at each match to make it even more fun. At first I would say silly things, or just record a 15 second video before …

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