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S&W Shield “No Safety” is Official!

Well, it looks official anyways! Gallery of Guns is listing the new Shield in their online store now, which is great news! Last week I posted about an image that I had come across while surfing on Facebook that showed the S&W Shield “No Safety”, but it wasn’t clear if the image was real at the time. It’s now looking like it’s real, and I’m pretty excited about it. As far as I can tell, …

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NC Highway Patrol Ditching M&Ps for Sigs

Back in August of 2013 we received word that the NC State Highway Patrol was having some extraction issues with their M&P .357 pistols, and they were supposedly working with S&W to fix the issue. I saw a post over on Carolina Shooters Club this afternoon saying that a members son, who is a SHP officer was recently issued a Sig Sauer 226 in .357Sig. I’ve confirmed with a handful of SHP officers over the …

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S&W M&P 9mm Magazine Follower Design Change?

I was recently able to order a couple of M&P 9mm magazines from Midway, and the new magazine followers are just a little different from the M&P magazines that I have purchased in the past. The part of the follower that pushes up on the slide stop appears to have a small bevel on it that is absent on the older followers. When inserting the new magazines into the pistol, the new follower will sometimes …

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“Just Carry it with the Safety Off…”

Ever since the release of the S&W Shield, I’ve been leery of the itty bitty thumb safety that was included on it. I really think the pistol would have been a winner had it not had the thumb safety added to it, but unfortunately S&W felt the need to include it. Time and again I’ve heard people say to just carry it with the safety off, but I’ve been concerned that it would be too …

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