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“Just Carry it with the Safety Off…”

Ever since the release of the S&W Shield, I’ve been leery of the itty bitty thumb safety that was included on it. I really think the pistol would have been a winner had it not had the thumb safety added to it, but unfortunately S&W felt the need to include it.

Time and again I’ve heard people say to just carry it with the safety off, but I’ve been concerned that it would be too easy for the safety to get bumped on. If I practiced shooting a pistol with a thumb safety, I might be interested in learning the technique, but I’m not interested in spending the time to learn the technique, which is why I ended up buying the Springfield XDs 9mm instead.

Recently The Yankee Marshal on YouTube confirmed my fear with the Shield. Check it out:

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  1. ok I have to point out one flaw in his video it’s called an MP shield because it says it right on the slide is he blind? lol secondly I practice “swiping” the safety a lot since one of my main carries is a 1911 and it’s easy on them anyway. However,I wouldn’t want a shield even knowing this technique because the safety is too small I’m glad I avoided jumping on the “shield” band wagon.

  2. I have a Shield and carry it in my rotation IWB (safety off) or pocket (safety on) and not once has the safety changed positions. Maybe its the type of holster he has? I also make it a part of my practice to swipe the safety down as I position my strong thumb as a assurance.
    BTW Luke, if the safety was a little bigger, wouldn’t people gripe about that as well?

    • I think it could be a little bit bigger without making the gun seem any bigger. I keep hoping that someone like Apex will make a safety for it thats just a hair larger.

      I’ve also heard rumors that S&W is working on an LE version of the Shield without any safety at all, which would grab my attention.

  3. No as it should be bigger at least big enough to easily swipe off that’s the first thing I noticed on a shield when I looked at one and didn’t think of it at the time but now thinking back it did seem easy to put the safety on. It may very well depend on the holster type you carry as to whether it pushes the safety on but that raises another question, should one have to hunt down a holster that doesn’t do that? I’m sure they’re fine weapons but my turn off on them was if you;re going to put a safety on a pistol at least make it easier to use there’s been other pistols with the same problem small hard to swipe safeties one comes to mind SR45 I wanted to like that pistol I even bought one but they pout the dumbest safety levers on them big pistol then that tiny safety lever looked out of place on it lol but it was harder to engage it at least.

    • Not sure why didn’t notice the small safety lever on the SR45 guess I got all goo goo eyed at the store as I’ve been waiting on their release didn’t notice it until later. That’s not the only reason I ended up selling it though but that’s another discussion.

      • I haven’t had a problem with the size of the safety on the SR series of pistols, but rather the placement. I feel like it’s too far back to reach it with my thumb, but that could be my hands too.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44xzqigKuRc

    I own a Shield and have had no problems with the safety on or off, in or out of a holster.

    I do make it my business to train with my equipment. To me, to do otherwise is irresponsible.

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