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Extended S&W Shield Safety Prototyping #2

Earlier this week I mentioned that I’ve been considering making an extended safety for my S&W Shield 9mm because the standard safety is miserable. The JB Weld that I used to add material to the extra safety lever has mostly cured (I didn’t have a lot of hardener, so it took a bit longer than I expected), and I had time to install it. It’s not big, just a hair bigger than the standard safety: …

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Extended S&W Shield Safety Prototyping

If you’ve been reading Triangle Tactical for any length of time, you’ll know that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my S&W Shield 9mm for some time now. It’s a good pistol, but I absolutely hate the safety. If I had it my way, the pistol wouldn’t even have it, but since it has a safety, I feel the need to use it just in case it were to get bumped into the on position …

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How Many Rounds Should a Singlestack 9mm Pistol Hold?

How much capacity do you require in a carry sized singlestack 9mm pistol? A couple nights ago I had my Springfield XDs 9mm, and S&W Shield 9mm sitting on the coffee table as I was comparing and contrasting them. I guess that I hadn’t really noticed that while being just about the same size, the XDs 9mm has the ability to carry an extra round in the extended magazine over the Shield. [table caption=”Carry Sized …

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“Just Carry it with the Safety Off…”

Ever since the release of the S&W Shield, I’ve been leery of the itty bitty thumb safety that was included on it. I really think the pistol would have been a winner had it not had the thumb safety added to it, but unfortunately S&W felt the need to include it. Time and again I’ve heard people say to just carry it with the safety off, but I’ve been concerned that it would be too …

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