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Jerry Miculek: Be a Good Neighbor, Don’t Put People on the Spot

After watching this video, I would like to nominate Jerry Miculek for 2A Statesman of the year. He nails the retention aspect of open carry (Which we talked about with Chris Clifton in Episode 85) and he hits the public perception aspect into orbit. (Video Link for Email/RSS Readers) “You’re a representation of a good gun owner. Don’t put people on the spot, nobody likes being put on the spot. We all want to be …

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I’m Still Going to Eat at Chipotle

Late last night I talked about the rifle open carry tools who walked into a Chipotle in Texas carrying a tacticool SKS at the low ready. Chipotle came out and requested that people not bring guns into their stores, and all of the anti-gun folks screamed victory. I have a feeling that Chipotle is going to take a play from Starbucks book after their hand was forced by tools just like these guys in Texas …

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Open Carry

I’ve been pretty outspoken in the past about open carry. My stance has always been that yes, it should be legal, but it’s not for me. I don’t want the added attention from the general public, or  law enforcement. Until Saturday, I’d never done it outside of a match. I’d been watching the Triangle Open Carry Meetup group for a while, waiting for an event that worked with my schedule. Finally Saturday I was able …

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