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Question of the Day: .30-30 Lever Action Rifle for Home Defense?

While surfing the web earlier this morning I came across a forum post (I’d link to it, but I can’t find it now) where someone asked about using a .30-30 lever action rifle for home defense. I’ve always been a fan of the lever guns. My first gun that was actually mine was a Winchester 94 in .30-30, that my dad bought me for deer hunting. I’ve referred to it as the “poor man’s assault …

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The Tactical Assault Umbrella Strikes Again

California State University was placed on lockdown after police were called for a “man with a gun” on campus that turned out to be an umbrella. My first thought about this was that those fools in California don’t know the difference between an unbrella and a rifle, but then I was reminded that this type of hilariousness isn’t bound by the borders of California. It wasn’t all too long ago when this same exact thing …

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Henderson, NC Man Defends Home with AR -15

Those high powered assault rifles have no use by law abiding citizens in our country! Amiright? A man in Henderson, NC used his AR-15 to defend his life from a violent home invader yesterday morning. Just before 10am the homeowner heard a noise that made him retrieve his AR-15 from under his bed. He the confronted the home invader who fired first, and the homeowner then shot back. The Einstein like criminal missed with his …

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