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The Tactical Assault Umbrella Strikes Again

California State University was placed on lockdown after police were called for a “man with a gun” on campus that turned out to be an umbrella.

My first thought about this was that those fools in California don’t know the difference between an unbrella and a rifle, but then I was reminded that this type of hilariousness isn’t bound by the borders of California.

It wasn’t all too long ago when this same exact thing happened at Eastern Carolina University.

I have a hard time dogging on the people who made the calls too much though. Students on college campuses all across the country are left utterly defenseless. When I as in college a decade ago, guns were completely banned on campus, as were knives, and most other defensive tools. I have to believe that someone thought they saw a rifle, and with no gun to defend themself with, they called some other guys with guns to sort it out.

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  1. Proof that the terrorist are winning…we are afraid of your own shadow.

  2. EDIT….we are afraid of our own shadow.

  3. You can’t blame the initial caller — California’s drought has gotten so severe that no one’s even seen an umbrella in years. Mistaking one for an AK derivative (which resemble umbrellas anyway) isn’t that much of a stretch.

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