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Adventures in Reloading #2 – If it Won’t Fit, Don’t Force it

So what happened was… With all of the reloading content recently we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from readers and podcast listeners. One listener wrote in to tell about an experience he had last week during his first time reloading on a single stage press, and he gave me permission to share this with all of you. He was priming large primer .45ACP brass, and he believes a piece of small primer .45ACP brass …

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Extended S&W Shield Safety Prototyping #2

Earlier this week I mentioned that I’ve been considering making an extended safety for my S&W Shield 9mm because the standard safety is miserable. The JB Weld that I used to add material to the extra safety lever has mostly cured (I didn’t have a lot of hardener, so it took a bit longer than I expected), and I had time to install it. It’s not big, just a hair bigger than the standard safety: …

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House Rules for Guns

Do you have house rules for guns? I’ve got a couple that I implemented a long time ago, and I still follow: No chambered rounds in the house. I started this way back when I first started carrying concealed. I was somewhat inexperienced with handguns, and it made me feel better to have an empty chamber when home. Years and years later, I still pop a round into the chamber on my way out the …

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This Is Why You Don’t Eff Around At The Range [Graphic Video]

I’ve heard people complain that range officers at a certain shooting range in the area can be too… intense. Well, this is why: A 12yr old Russian boy, “playing around” while his comrades were down range re-setting targets, shoots and kills one of them. This is why a Range Officer will scream at you if you go reaching for your gun, or anything near it when the range is cold. It’s because he’s trying to …

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