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Adventures in Reloading #2 – If it Won’t Fit, Don’t Force it

So what happened was…

With all of the reloading content recently we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from readers and podcast listeners. One listener wrote in to tell about an experience he had last week during his first time reloading on a single stage press, and he gave me permission to share this with all of you. He was priming large primer .45ACP brass, and he believes a piece of small primer .45ACP brass found it’s way into the large primer brass. As he attempted to press the large primer into the small primer brass it exploded, which then caused the entire tray of primers to explode leading to some damage to his left hand. He also stated that he doesn’t believe that he pulled the lever any harder than normal, so the large primer against the small primer brass must have lined up just right to set it off.

The picture is pretty graphic, but if you want to see it, click on it. I’d say it’s not safe for work, or if you have a weak stomach, or children in the room. It’s a lesson for newbie reloaders like me, and experienced folks alike to take our time and wear proper safety equipment when loading.

Primer Explosion Pixilized

I have a whole bunch of crimped primer 9mm brass, and once or twice I’ve caught myself putting a bit more pressure on the lever than I should when I come across this stuff. This is a good reminder to stop and set the brass aside when the primer doesn’t seat with the expected amount of force.

Anyways, he said he’s good to go after 7 stitches and is planning on getting back out to the range this weekend. I hope you heal up soon, and I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse!

Go figure I got blown up 3 times in Afghanistan I’m fine. Just head ringing. I blow my self up I bleed. Haha American ingenuity!

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