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Glock 19 Concealed Carry Modifications

As you probably know, I recently picked up a Gen4 Glock 19 as a new concealed carry pistol. I wanted to go back to a doublestack gun, and I also wanted something that was very similar to my Glock 34 that I shoot in competition. I don’t tend to make a lot of modifications to my carry pistols, but I’ve done a couple things to the Glock 19: Custom Grip Plug Funnel Glock pistols have …

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I Saw The Sights Lift

Way back when I first started competitive shooting, I purchased Brian Eno’s book, and attempted to read it. The whole zen thing was lost on me, and I lost interest in the book before the halfway mark. I’m not sure what happened to the book, but I think I may be to the point where I should actually sit down and read it cover to cover a time or two. Anyways, yesterday I headed up …

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DIY – M&P Novak Rear Sight Modification

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I feel that the Novak sights that come on the S&W M&P9 Pro are a little crowded. When shooting I feel like I’m not getting as much light through the sight picture as I would like. The obvious answer would be to just buy new sights, but that is too easy. I’ve become a really big fan of my Sevigny competition sights that I have installed on my Glock …

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Buy Fiber Optics for your Sights in Bulk!

If you are buying fiber optic inserts for your sights by the inch, you are getting screwed. If you are anything like me, you prefer a fiber optic front sight on your competition pistols. Being that the fiber optic insert is just a small piece of plastic, they tend to break fairly often. I recently noticed some cracks in the fiber optic insert on the front sight on my S&W M&P Pro, and decided to …

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Competition pistol sights – What works, and what doesn’t.

One topic that has a lot of contention among competition shooters is the type of sights they like to use on their competition firearms. When shooting just about any type of pistol competition the sights on the pistol are nearly as important as the pistol itself. Competition sights, especially for action shooting games need to be quick to pick up, durable, and accurate. I originally got into competition shooting using the sights that came standard …

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