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Buy Fiber Optics for your Sights in Bulk!

If you are buying fiber optic inserts for your sights by the inch, you are getting screwed.

If you are anything like me, you prefer a fiber optic front sight on your competition pistols. Being that the fiber optic insert is just a small piece of plastic, they tend to break fairly often. I recently noticed some cracks in the fiber optic insert on the front sight on my S&W M&P Pro, and decided to order a new insert. What I found was shooting related retailers were selling 3-4″ of the stuff for $5-$10 a piece!

What a ripoff! I started looking a little deeper and found a retailer that sells fiber optic rod by the meter, for less than the unnamed shooting related retailers were selling a measly couple inches.

After a couple google searches, I found that my M&P Pro uses a 0.06″ (1.5mm) insert, and my Glock 17 with Sevigny sights takes a 0.040″ (1mm) fiber optic inserts.

Anyways, I came across a website called www.fiberopticproducts.com that sells fiber optic “fluorescent fiber” in 3′ sections for about the same price the other guys are selling a couple inches for. I ordered late last week, 3′ of red fiber showed up today. Awesome!

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  1. what size do I need for my browning lite gray finish with round barrel ? fiber optic rod.

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