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Photo Forensics: The “Glock’s First Ever Single Stack 9mm” Ad

If you’ve been anywhere on social media during this afternoon/evening, you’ve probably seen this picture: It’s pretty convincing, although it looks suspiciously similar to a Glock 42. Conveniently I still had all of the images from yesterdays post about the Glock slide opened up on my computer, so I decided to see what I could find by comparing the above picture with some of the images I used yesterday in the other post. First, the …

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Photo Forensics: New Glock Ad With Slide Profile

Here we go again! Today Glock dropped this picture on their Facebook page: As soon as I saw it, I ran to the computer to begin chopping it to pieces with image editing software.¬†Here’s the new slide cropped out of the picture from above, and the same picture of it after I did some Photoshop magic to it to change the colors: My first thought was to line it up with a slide from a …

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It’s Official, the Glock 42 is Coming

Up until today, I hadn’t been able to confirm that the Glock 42 Advertisment to the right was even real, as I couldn’t find anywhere that it had been posted by Glock. I looked on the official Glock website, Glock ID, and the Glock Facebook page, and nowhere could I find it. This evening Jakerson9 over at Carolina Shooters Club mentioned that he received the January 2014 copy of Guns & Ammo, and loand behold, …

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