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It’s Official, the Glock 42 is Coming

Up until today, I hadn’t been able to confirm that the Glock 42 Advertisment to the right was even real, as I couldn’t find anywhere that it had been posted by Glock. I looked on the official Glock website, Glock ID, and the Glock Facebook page, and nowhere could I find it.

This evening Jakerson9 over at Carolina Shooters Club mentioned that he received the January 2014 copy of Guns & Ammo, and loand behold, on page 17 there is a full page ad containing the Glock 42 ad we’ve been looking at for the past week.

This definitely makes things more interesting, as it adds some credibility to the hype. We still don’t know if its a 9mm or a .380 (although I think it’s a 9mm), and we still don’t know what the Glock 41 will be. Time will tell I guess. As soon as I get more information, I’ll update the blog.

Want to see how the Glock 42 stacks up against other popular concealed carry pistols? Check this out…

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