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Episode 63 YouTube Clips

Y’all asked if we would release some clips from the podcast episodes in an easily sharable format, so I’ve started dropping some of the better clips into YouTube videos so they are easier to share. Share away! Remington R51 Clip from Episode 63: Glock 41 and 42 Clips from Episode 63:

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It’s Official, the Glock 42 is Coming

Up until today, I hadn’t been able to confirm that the Glock 42 Advertisment to the right was even real, as I couldn’t find anywhere that it had been posted by Glock. I looked on the official Glock website, Glock ID, and the Glock Facebook page, and nowhere could I find it. This evening Jakerson9 over at Carolina Shooters Club mentioned that he received the January 2014 copy of Guns & Ammo, and loand behold, …

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The “Glock 42” Plot Thickens…

I posted the following picture over at Carolina Shooters Club, and in the corresponding thread someone posted the following links to a merchant who appears to have added the Glock 41, and Glock 42 to their online store in preparation for the release of these new pistols: Glock 41: According to this Sportsmans Depot website, the Glock 41 will be a long slide fullsize .45ACP, basically a “practical tactical” version (like the Glock 34 and …

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