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The “Glock 42” Plot Thickens…

I posted the following picture over at Carolina Shooters Club, and in the corresponding thread someone posted the following links to a merchant who appears to have added the Glock 41, and Glock 42 to their online store in preparation for the release of these new pistols:

Glock 41:

According to this Sportsmans Depot website, the Glock 41 will be a long slide fullsize .45ACP, basically a “practical tactical” version (like the Glock 34 and Glock 35) but chambered in .45ACP.

“GLOCK 41 GEN 4 45ACP 5.3 AS 13RD GLOCK PG4130103” (This pretty clearly identifies it as a .45ACP pistol)

This really surprises me that Glock would do this, however it shouldn’t after all of the hype about the Glock 30s, and the Glock ID social network that was a huge letdown for me. A longslide, doublestack .45ACP doesn’t really have any competitive advantage over it’s 9mm and .40S&W brothers, so I’m not sure who their target audience is for this pistol.

Glock 42:

The Glock 42 appears to be a pocket sized pistol. This is really encouraging to me, as it shows that Glock is ready to get into the small concealed carry pistol business.

“GLOCK GLOCK UI4250201” (Notice there’s no mention of caliber here.)

Many are assuming that this will be a small .380ACP Glock. I’m generally not a big fan of .380ACP pocket pistols, but I think my aversion has more to do with the long crappy triggers, low quality, and questionable reliability that many of  these types of pistols currently on the market have. I was really hoping for a 9mm, and I’m not convinced that this isn’t a 9mm.

I took the above picture, made it transparent, and laid it over a picture of a Glock 26. It looks like we have a very similar sized pistol, but with a slightly longer grip. I sized the two layers as best I could, using the nub on the front of the trigger guard to line them up.


If the grip is longer than the Glock 26, and the barrel is about the same length, this won’t really be a pocketable pistol, but something more in line with the S&W Shield, and the Springfield XDs. This makes me think it’s probably a 9mm. 

At this point, I think it’s fair to assume that the original “teaser” ad post I made yesterday is not a hoax, and that Glock will have some new products being released at SHOT show in January. I’m pretty convinced that we’ll have a “practical tactical” .45ACP Glock 41, and a small concealed carry pistol Glock 42 in 9mm.

We’ll see. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months until SHOT…

UPDATE! Want to see how the Glock 42 stacks up against other popular concealed carry pistols? Check this out…

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