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Glock 42 Measurements Compared to Other Pistols

Recently I wrote about a couple of pictures that had been posted over on the Boomershooter forum from a magazine of what appears the be the rumored Glock 42. One of the pictures contained some dimensions of the pistol, which is a really big deal for us following this story. Previously I had tried to overlay the outline of the Glock 42 from the ad over a picture of a Glock 26, but it appears that I wasn’t quite as accurate as I had hoped that I was.

The picture above shows that the length of the pistol from the muzzle to the tip of the beaver tail is 5.94″

Using this information, I was able to make a scalable vector image of the Glock 42, and scale it (as close as I could get it) to other popular concealed carry pistols on the market. It appears that this pistol will be a little bit smaller than I had originally speculated, but that’s a good thing.

Please keep in mind that I’m not a graphic designer, so my methods may not be 100% good to go, but I think this gives us at the very least a good visual representation of how big the Glock 42 will be.

With that said, here’s the Glock 42 in red on top of 8 other popular concealed carry pistols:

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  1. I’d say you are probably pretty dang close in your estimation.

    • Thanks Mike! After seeing that it is a bit smaller than the Shield/XDs is makes me feel a little better about it as a pocket gun. We’ll see, I think I have to own one regardless at this point.

  2. Since the G42 is supposedly a .380, could you repeat your comparison with some popular .380 pistols such as the Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT, Walther PPK, S&W Bodyguard, and Beretta Pico?

  3. It’s stupid but if it fits in a pocket like the Bodyguard or LCP and doesn’t have a garbage trigger I guess I’ll buy one.

  4. How about a SIG P938? Not that I will be switching. LOL

  5. how about a comparison to the Beretta Nano?

  6. its super thin and slide stays open on last round. plus look at the spring in the slide compared to the lcp. glock is basically mil spec and lcp is deff not. also lcps finish wears fast and got a little rusty. factory clips rusted too. glock42 is nice

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