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Why I did what I did with the Glock 42 Picture

My picture of the Glock 42 ad overlaid with a picture of a Glock 26 has made its way around the internet and been linked to on a lot of webforums and blogs over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve received a lot of feedback from people telling me that when they put their Zippo lighter up against a Glock 26, the lighter is much smaller than it appears in the picture, and that makes them believe that the Glock 42 will be much smaller than the Glock 26.

What I did was scale the outline of the 42, and the Glock 26 using the front nub of the trigger guard. Every Glock on the market currently has the same sized trigger guard, making this the logical choice to scale the images by.

I think it’s much more likely that Glock would use the exact same sized trigger guard on the new pistol than it is that they would use a non-standard trigger guard AND scale the lighter in the picture exactly to the outline of the new pistol.

Oh, and if you scale the lighter from the Glock ad to a real Zippo lighter, you will see that they aren’t the same, so there’s that.

I could be completely wrong, and as we learned last year with Glock’s “big announcement” that was a huge disappointment, they don’t always do things the way we expect them to. We’ll know for sure on January 14th, 2014.

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