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NC Emergency Powers Law Takes Effect Next Week!

If you have been reading Triangle Tactical for a little while, you may remember me posting about the “State of Emergency Gun Ban” that was on the books in NC until earlier this year. This law was ruled unconstitutional and the replacement law takes effect Monday, October 1st. From the NRA Email blast that I received tonight: The new emergency powers statute, passed in the North Carolina General Assembly and signed into law by Governor …

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North Carolina and the “State of Emergency” gun ban.

A few months ago, a federal court tossed out an NC state law that gave the Governor the right to restrict the transportation of firearms during a state of emergency. This was a particularly large thorn in the side of gun owners in the state, as many feel like I do, that during an emergency is probably the time that I will need my firearm the most. As we rolled through hurricane season the the …

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