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North Carolina and the “State of Emergency” gun ban.

A few months ago, a federal court tossed out an NC state law that gave the Governor the right to restrict the transportation of firearms during a state of emergency. This was a particularly large thorn in the side of gun owners in the state, as many feel like I do, that during an emergency is probably the time that I will need my firearm the most.

As we rolled through hurricane season the the past few years, some of the coastal counties would get a little storm, and Governor Perdue would declare a state of emergency, effectively banning the transportation of firearms in the entire state. Now, this was largely unenforced, but the fact remained that the ban was in place.

Our friends over at Grass Roots North Carolina were instrumental in getting the ban repealed in the case Bateman v. Perdue, in which a federal judge ruled that the ban was infringing in citizens 2nd amendment rights, and was unconstitutional. According to GRNC the date to file an appeal on the case has passed, without an appeal being filed.

Recently, GRNC has sent out an email regarding a new bill (HB 489) that instead of having the state declare that firearms cannot be transported during an emergency, local municipalities can make the call. This is scary stuff, and we need to make out voice heard.

Do me a favor, go to the GRNC website, read this, and email, call, or write a letter to the members of the committee, and tell them to table the issue. We can complain to each other all we want, but if nobody actually communicates with those REPRESENTING US they will not know what we want them to do. Remember, they work for us, we are not their servants.

Here is the full text of HB 489 provided by GRNC.

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  1. If a federal court says the state law was unconstitutional, how can local municipalities do it? Unconstitutional is unconstitutional.

  2. Yeah, they cant. GRNC defeated HB489, and there was a vote to repeal the emergency powers law. John at ‘No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money’ did a nice write-up after it all went down.

    Thankfully, we’re all good to go now as far as SOE’s go.

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