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Would You Shoot This Match?

If I told you that later this year there was going to be a match that consisted of sample stages from all of the different shooting sports in a low-stress, fun environment, would you come out and try your hand at competitive shooting? Details are still a little slim, but John from ZSA is planning a match for one day this fall to have Steel Challenge, USPSA, ZSA, and possibly IDPA stages setup so that …

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Finally! Steel Challenge Comes to the Triangle!

John Z. from the Zombie Shooters Association let me know this morning that he has purchased a full set of steel challenge steel, and the ZSA has submitted the paperwork for an upgrade to be an official Steel Challenge club in addition to USPSA. Post by Zombie Shooters Association of America. This is great news, If you’ve been listening to the podcast for any length of time, it seems like whenever Steel Challenge gets brought …

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Musings on Steel Challenge, World Championship Edition

Yesterday we talked about Steel Challenge, and today we’ll revisit the topic with the aid of video. This is a clip from the 2009 World Championship, on the Accelerator stage, so named because the big 18″x24″ sheet targets lure you in to shooting faster before your last shot on a 12″ plate at 15 yards. Check out the first piece of the video to see the stage diagram and get a flavor for the shooting. …

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Musings on Steel Challenge

Over the weekend, I got a little first-hand experience with Steel Challenge for the very first time. It was the smallest possible little slice of the game I could get: shooting one stage with no special gear, just my carry gun. But even that much has given me a lot to think about on the topic of this sport. I never really paid much attention to it, because it’s like a run-and-gun sport without any …

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