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TWANGnBANG on the Proposed XM855 Ammo Ban

TWANGnBANG talks about how stupid “armor piercing” laws are, and he articulates it a whole lot better than I did when I tried to basically say the same thing on the latest episode of the podcast. Have a watch, and give him a like/subscribe.

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TWANGnBANG on the Armatix Smart Pistol

Yes, that TWANGnBANG: Post by TWANGnBANG. I think he’s absolutely right. The “smart” gun maker has already been rejected by the commercial gun market in the US, and I don’t think there’s a police department anywhere in the country that would seriously consider arming their officers with this thing. In fact, in every circumstance that I’ve come across where a bill has been introduced or talked about to make smart guns the law, law enforcement …

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ABC News Piece on Gun Related YouTube Channels

Surprisingly positive, and well done piece on some of the bigger gun related YouTube channels. Interesting to see old media doing an article on new media, and doing it in a positive light. I’ve learned two things about the establishment media over the past couple of years: Old media hates the new media. Establishment media hates guns. Well it seems that either we are making inroads with the old media or this article slipped under …

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