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Your Feedback Requested: Video?

I’ve been wanting to do an actual video version of the podcast on YouTube for a while now, but due to various reasons, it just never worked out. Now, I believe I’ve got the software and everything to make it a weekly reality, but I’m curious to know if y’all would be interested in actually watching it? Hit the comments and let me know.

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Q&A Show Now on YouTube

Y’all asked for a video version of the podcast, so we decided to start out with the Q&A show. Some of last week’s shows, and all of this week’s shows will be available on the Triangle Tactical YouTube channel, so check them out. QNA043 – Economics of Reloading 9mm: QNA042 – How do scaled dryfire targets work?: QNA041 – What Changes Would We Make to IDPA and USPSA: QNA040 – Trigger Jobs on Carry Guns?:

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This Week in “Skills > Tools” – IDPA Match

Last week I shot the H2O Fowl Farms Adam Ginette Memorial IDPA match with my Glock 19 from t-shirt concealment. I shot the match the way I actually carry. Glock 19 (that’s basically factory stock other than sights and a grip plug) a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster, and a cheap mag pouch that I’ve had forever. Discounting the IDPA rules violations I had a great match. I shot fast, got my hits, and even had …

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Getting to Work Works: Shoot2Live IDPA Match Video Review

After the February 2015 Sir Walter Gun Club USPSA match, I decided that I needed to work on getting my butt moving during matches. I’ve been consistently dry firing since that match, and most all of the drills I’ve been doing have involved movement. Things like getting into position, leaving positions, reloads while moving from one side of the box to another, etc. Last night was the first match I’ve shot since the SWGC USPSA …

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TWANGnBANG on the Proposed XM855 Ammo Ban

TWANGnBANG talks about how stupid “armor piercing” laws are, and he articulates it a whole lot better than I did when I tried to basically say the same thing on the latest episode of the podcast. Have a watch, and give him a like/subscribe.

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I’m a Terrible Person, and I Like to Mess With Other Peoples Match Video

And I’m not ashamed to admit it. At the Sir Walter Gun Club USPSA match on Saturday I found myself at one point with 4 cameras on my person to film other people shoot their stages. I really like doing it, but a while back I started messing with someones video at each match to make it even more fun. At first I would say silly things, or just record a 15 second video before …

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USPSA Match Video: Tear Me Apart

Alright, here’s video of my first USPSA match since May of 2014. Just a couple days before the match I switched from ‘bullets out’ mag pouches to ‘bullets forward’ pouches and the transition wasn’t bad at all. Stuff To Work On: Get moving! There are a few times in the video where I hesitate before moving out of a position after shooting the array. I also forgot my cleats so on a couple stages where …

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Ben Shoots His Best IDPA Match Ever

On Episode 112 of the podcast, Ben mentioned that he shot his best match ever on Sunday, winning SSP with a fairly deep talent pool, and talking 2nd overall at the match. This particular match was the third match of the locally famous Day-Night-Day match that consists of a day time IDPA match on Saturday, a night match Saturday night, and another day match on Sunday.

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