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Franks Fun Match – October 2014

On Sunday I shot Franks Fun Match at The Range in Oxford, NC. This was my first match with the “bullets out” Ghost mag pouches. I definitely need a lot more practice with them, but the configuration seems promising. Still waiting for scores to be posted, but I feel like I shot well on all of the stages. A few minor things like giving away a couple more points down than I should have, but …

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H2O Fowl Farms IDPA September 2014 Match Report

On Saturday I shot the H2O Fowl Farms September IDPA match. I added most of my comments in the video as a voice-over, so have a watch: I made some very amateur mistakes that I need to work on going forward. I’ve already ditched the extended slide stop (which I knew would create a problem when I purchased the pistol, I just never bothered to swap it out), and hopefully I won’t have to deal …

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Coins for Children Charity IDPA Match Report and Video

I only managed to get video of 4 of the 6 stages at the match, but got most of the highlights. Stages were fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. (Video Link for Email/RSS readers) Overall I shot well. The dry-fire is paying off, and I was very confident about my hits. I need to put in some more work on getting the reloads quicker, and better stage planning. Match Breakdown: Stage 5 …

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[Video] Shooting IDPA With CCW Gear

Here’s the match video from Saturday night at the PDHSC/Shoot2Live IDPA match in Raleigh. (Video Link for Email/RSS Readers) Here’s more thoughts on shooting with my CCW rig in the match. Also, this was the topic of Episode 96 of the podcast.

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FPS Russia Breaks Character

I’ve not been a huge follower of FPS Russia over the years, but I do have a special place in my heart for videos of people blowing stuff up, and in that regard, FPS Russia never seems to disappoint. In a recent Q&A video on his second YouTube channel, FPS Russla (Kyle) breaks character and talks a bit about his future plans for the channel and how we may start seeing more from Kyle in …

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Jerry Miculek Tests Earplugs as Rubber Bullets

Over the weekend a Huffington Post reporter made a gaffe on Twitter, asking if a pile of orange foam earplugs found on the ground in Ferguson, MO were rubber bullets. Jerry Miculek recently posted a video testing the exact thing that we’ve all been wondering: What would it take to propel an earplug like a rubber bullet? (Video link for Email/RSS Readers) I definitely expected a lot more velocity from the earplugs, and I was …

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[Video] Singlestack 9mm Concealed Carry Pistols

I get a lot of questions about why I recommend certain singlestack 9mm concealed carry pistols and not others. Rather than type up a big long blog post, I figured I’d do something a little different and fire up the camera gear and do a video on the singlestack 9’s in my life, and why I like them. It basically comes down to a set of criteria that I’ve mentioned a few times: – 7+1 …

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Lenny MaGill: New Singlestack 9mm Glock Coming This Year

According to a recently published video from Guns.com where they interviewed Lenny MaGill from Glockstore.com, MaGill says “I do hear that Glock’s coming out with a 9mm singlestack this year.” (Video Link for Email/RSS Readers) Yeah, even with the Springfield XDs 9mm, and the new S&W Shield no-safety, I’m still really wanting a single stack 9mm Glock. I think we all know it’s inevitable at this point, but it’s encouraging to hear from someone in …

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